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Do you feel lost in the darkness? Do you have a spiritual dizziness going on? Are you struggling to recover from the wounds of the past? At The Healing Care Center, we will not only practically address some of the things that you’re dealing with, but we are going to help bring God's presence into your journey of transformation.

The Healing Care Center is the newest initiative of HCM International and will be located in Ohio. We are in the process of securing a property where the center will be permanently located. In the meantime, we are able to offer three types of services to those who desire to experience healing and transformation in Christ!

Intensive Care

There are times in which the darkness we experience can overcome us and in those seasons we must set aside dedicated and intensive time for healing.

If you find yourself in a spot like this, our desire is to help.

There is hope.

Our one or two week intensive care experiences provide three hours daily of one on one care with a certified and highly trained caregiver, one hour of group teaching and three hours of directed reflection time.


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Consistent Care

There are other times in which both our level of need and the circumstances of our lives lend themselves better to a less intensive but more ongoing approach to care. 

For this kind of need we provide regular weekly or bi-monthly sessions using our unique and holistic method of care.


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Other Services 

Spiritual Direction or Formational Coaching appointments are available. We also plan to develop programs geared to helping pastors and other leaders in crisis.

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The Healing Care Center (THCC) is part of the Healing Care family, which has been helping the hurting find wholeness for more than 25 years. THCC is both a place and an approach. Rooted in the deep belief that genuine wholeness comes through Christ, we also draw upon proven practices in traditional counseling and emerging research in modern neuroscience for a holistic approach to care. With compassion and skill our caregivers help the broken journey into the darkness where Jesus meets them.

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