"The Come Away with Me retreat was the missing piece to the puzzle of my life. I fit now...I am complete now in Christ, what a gift! My words are not sufficient to describe the life-transforming week it was for me! If you, like me, have struggled in any way with our Heavenly Father with fear or doubt of His great unconditional love because of past wounds, this retreat offers you such a safe and loving environment to hear, taste and feel the truth of the greatest longing of your heart...His incredible mercy, grace and unconditional love! If you choose to "Come Away With Me" He will truly meet you! "

- Carol, Retreat Participant

"I came to know the real Jesus through an Inner Healing 16-week course and my life has been forever changed! More out of control than I ever imagined possible, yet more in control with God than I would have dared hope. The journey continues and He still wows me every day with His love for me."

- Liz

"I want to thank you for the scholarship to attend the Formational Prayer Basic Seminar at the Healing Place. Because of this training, I feel delivered from the bondage and pain of wounds of having been betrayed by my parents and my spouses over the last 60 years. As a victim of both physical and sexual abuse, I have learned to lament and begin to forgive the perpetrators in my life. Praise be to God and The Healing Place for creating this opportunity to serve the needs of others as I have been served. Sunshine and blue skies have returned to my life. Thank you in the name of Jesus."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"My life has been transformed. It is like I have been waiting for this for a lifetime and nothing will ever be the same."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"The wisdom taught by Dr. Wardle and the working of the Holy Spirit was a life-changing combination. I cannot believe how God met me! This feels like family and I want more."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"This seminar is awesome! I had no idea that four days could change my entire life! In every teaching I saw more and more of my old self leaving and the real me showing up. It is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I am excited about where I am going."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"Formational Prayer and the "Come Away with Me" Retreat changed not only my personal life, but my entire ministry. I now teach the program in a classroom setting adding private time and group to each session...folks are being set free by the power of the Holy Spirit!"

- Kathie

"The Holy Spirit working through me as a caregiver at various Formational Prayer seminars and for Doctor of Ministry cohorts has resulted in greater blessings for my congregation as its pastor, and in a deeper heart for hurting pastors. So many pastors are limping through ministry, or leaving the ministry before retirement because they are so hurt and wounded. I am feeling the call of Jesus to bring this ministry of the Spirit to them."

- Chris, Pastor

"Formational Prayer has helped to transform my life and the Lord has used this model to allow me to help many others."

- Andrea

"God reconciled me and my husband after ten years of divorce and I plan to use this experience to be a wounded healer for others...I thank Jesus...for my rescue from brokenness."

- Pam

"Without your scholarship I would not have been able to attend and I had no idea how much I needed this. I discovered that I needed my own healing to allow God to help me with helping others. I know God will continue to lead me, and guide me in my work of helping others, but I nothing will ever take the place of how this seminar has helped me personally."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"After much healing in my own life, I now have the privilege of teaching classes, praying with people and facilitating groups on Inner Healing/Formational Prayer."

- Diane

"Through Formational Prayer, I now understand that it is the underlying distortions and lies that I have believed that have handicapped me emotionally. The body outline took me to another level of understanding my own brokenness!"

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"I came to my first Formational Prayer Seminar two years ago. I had an encounter with the Lord that changed my whole understanding of the cross. I had not realized that the mantle I wore over me was that of shame. I saw Jesus take my shame on Himself as He hung on the cross. I was overwhelmed by His presence and knew then that He is more than enough. He is all I need. Everything else faded away, and there was only Him. I experienced a lightness and a freedom that I had not known existed. I did not realize the burden that I carried until it was gone. Now, I want to share that with others and see them be set free."

- Christie

"Thank God for the Healing Place and the Formational Prayer Seminar! I get to take all this info with me, where I will have the opportunity to keep to keep working on myself."

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"When I attended the Formational Prayer Seminar in 2008, for the first time in my life the Holy Spirit became real to me and not simply some abstract idea. I sensed I was called to lead a Healing Care Small Group, but it took more healing within and personal growth to undertake this leadership role. After attending the Advanced Formational Prayer Seminar in 2011, I led a group at our church, which was another personal growth experience for me. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to see the healing that took place for the ladies attending this group. I look forward to continuing this ministry at our church."

- Donna

"My life will never be the same because of this seminar. I learned so much about myself. The most important thing I heard the Lord say was, “There is nothing wrong with me.” No more guilt – no more shame! Hallelujah!"

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"Jesus is transforming my own life as a wounded person through Formational Prayer and loving caregivers. AND Jesus is changing other wounded people within our congregation in the same way. Formational Prayer has given us a way forward to truly allow the healing presence of Jesus to touch the deepest wounds within people. Wounds that have previously been festering for years in the dark are now being healing in His light and by His life."

- Liz

"The Holy Spirit was all over this!"

- Anonymous - FPS Mechanicsville Attendee

"I want to connect with others on this journey with Christ."

- Romie

"I have been a student of Formational Prayer since 2009, but it was not until this retreat that I reached the core of who I am and who I am called to be. I needed the right setting and the freedom to drop my mask of whom I present to the world, to allow God into those hidden places to minister to me.

The caregivers, the retreat setting, the worship times, and of course, my experiences with the Lord brought me to a place of deep healing, and I am truly a changed person. I went to the retreat expecting a miracle, and God provided. I feel like I am more confident and walk a little taller now. I am so excited for my present and my future. I now crave to spend time with the Lord. I easily see Him in everything. The world still beckons to distract me, but He is the well that fills me with peace.

I am so grateful to have had this experience. I had wanted to attend for some time, but it took hearing a past participant say, “Even if it cost 3 times as much, it is still a bargain.” I totally agree. Please go, and receive.

"And the God of all Grace, who calls you to eternal Glory in Christ, after you have suffered for a little while, will Himself restore you, and make you strong, firm, and steadfast." 1 Peter 5:10

- Rosemary, Retreat Participant

"The 'Fear Not' seminar was eye-opening for me. Even though I have learned dependence on ​the Lord​ for my 'manna' provision​ in my life ​recently​, I realized that I still have doubt and even fear about this. During the seminar, I ​saw​ that I still (must) make sure that things are going to be ok (taken care of), especially as it relates to my family. Fear and doubt​ so often come in​ here. So, I​ feel that I​ must double-down and pray more often​, harder​ and better. ​Yet, the Lord reminded me at the seminar that His gift of manna is there for the taking daily for me and for my family. His gift to us. His promise. At the seminar, I heard him say, 'Rest in Me.' Thank you, Lord.

- Diane

"The full impact of the 'Fear Not' event did not hit me until I came home. While my mind was full of revelations and new information, the processing began when I came back home and in silence and journaling realized how huge this was in my own life. How can someone breathe and walk in fear and not know it? That was me. This past week has been so transformative, and naming and calling out FEAR brings me so much closer to being 'restored, strong, firm, and steadfast.' (1Peter 5:10)"

- Rosemary