Regional Caregiver Networks

Across the country and around the world, we are seeing an increasing number of regions in which there is a concentration of caregivers practicing Formational Prayer, healing care and spiritual direction. We believe that the Lord has called HCM International to partner with those caregivers to form Caregiver Networks to provide opportunities for fellowship and encouragement, self-care and continuing education.

We believe these Caregiver Networks will be successful in meeting the needs of these men and women when three dynamics are present. To check out our existing networks and find out how to get involved, click here.

Local Ownership 

The relationship that HCM International has with a region is a partnership. We want to partner with you and the caregivers with whom you have a relationship and influence to help your region connect and grow. Caregiver Networks are grassroots movements led by the caregivers in that region. For that reason, each region needs...


As a caregiver in your region, no one is more equipped or prepared to lead than you. As you get to know the other caregivers in your area and build relationships with them, your influence will increase. That's why these networks will be led by Caregiver Network Coordinators who are endorsed by HCM International to shepherd the community. 


Regional movements are built on relationships. If relationships are absent, the regional movement won't go anywhere. If there are relationships that provide encouragement, support and accountability through journeying together, the region will expand its influence.