Retreat Testimonials

"I loved this retreat. I am still thinking about all the laughs, tears, and friendships built during that week.  I highly recommend this retreat for anybody who is struggling with things from their past, and to get healing from those experiences. It was a hard week as I had to deal with things from my past, and I had to learn to forgive others for things done to me, and also forgive myself for things which I have done. However, it brought healing into my life, and since then I have worked through a few more issues. The retreat gave me tools which I am still using regularly, and daily."
"I've been a Christian my entire life, but was suffering from deep wounds. Deep wounds that affected my inner soul. I've tried different types of treatment, but nothing truly helped - until I was introduced to Healing Care Ministries and Formational Prayer. I attended a "Come Away With Me Retreat" unsure of what to expect, but I knew God was at work. During that week, I found inner healing. I discovered the peace [for which] I had been desperately longing. Through the grace of Jesus, He took control in the wounds and the enemy was crushed beneath His feet. I had never done anything like this for myself. I heard God say, 'Oh, my precious child, I've been waiting for this moment.' There are no words to describe finding that type of peace after a lifetime of struggle. The caregivers, hospitality, and lodging were simply perfect. Everything is well-organized and has a purpose, creating a wonderful balance. I would urge anyone to take this time for yourself, a wonderful investment along your spiritual journey."

 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16:33 NIV

- Traci


"This is a great retreat and I would highly recommend it…The atmosphere was safe and we were always encouraged to process individually and in small groups at the level that we felt comfortable with. The teaching sessions were very well done with a mix of content and personal stories. The care-givers were wonderful!  They were truly focused on God and encouraged participants to connect with God. 

I am not an imaginative person from a visual perspective.  Although I struggled with getting to a visual safe place, I was able to meet with God in new ways and develop new skills.  I am using these skills and concepts well after the retreat and believe I will carry them throughout my life… Again, I would highly recommend this retreat for someone that truly wants to connect with God at a deeper level and experience healing."

- John

"The Come Away with Me retreat was the missing piece to the puzzle of my life. I fit now...I am complete now in Christ, what a gift! My words are not sufficient to describe the life-transforming week it was for me! If you, like me, have struggled in any way with our Heavenly Father with fear or doubt of His great unconditional love because of past wounds, this retreat offers you such a safe and loving environment to hear, taste and feel the truth of the greatest longing of your heart...His incredible mercy, grace and unconditional love!  If you choose to "Come Away With Me" He will truly meet you!"

- Carol