International School of Formational Prayer

Program Overview

Through the ministry of Dr. Terry Wardle, over 6000 people have been trained in the ministry of Formational Prayer. People have traveled from around the world to attend the Formational Prayer Seminar or other seminars in places like Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Louisiana. 

Now, HCM International is taking this ministry abroad in new ways with the International School of Formational Prayer (ISFP). Individuals who are unable to travel to the United States for training can access this unique training online from anywhere in the world. They can access teachings that will equip them for ministry and connect them with a seasoned caregiver who will help them process what they are learning. The International School of Formational Prayer is open to anyone living or ministering outside the United States.

Participants can begin with the Level One course (described in more detail below), during which they will learn the basics of:

  • The ministry of Formational Prayer
  • Core Longings
  • The Structures of Healing
  • The role of the Holy Spirit in ministry
  • How to position others for deep healing 
  • And more!

Level One Course (Four Months)

Participant Responsibilities

  • Watch 5 videos per month (one month has 6 videos)
  • Complete and turn in a homework assignment with each video
  • Readings: Healing Care, Healing Prayer; Strong Winds, Crashing Waves; Untamed Christian, Unleashed Church; Anatomy of the Soul
  • Meet twice with a facilitator for questions/processing (once at the half-way point and once at the end) - these sessions will be one hour each and will be conducted virtually

Facilitator Responsibilities

  • Review weekly homework
  • Meet twice with the participant for questions/processing
  • Write a brief review of the participant's progress and experience

Program Cost

$275 per course (paid prior to beginning)


To enroll in the International School of Formational Prayer (ISFP) program, click Here.

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