The 3 Components of Rooted

Teaching Component

  • Monthly video teachings (1-hr) from Terry Wardle and others on topics related to the 5 A's of Spiritual Formation. These videos can be accessed live or when they fit your schedule.
  • Weekly videos/audio teachings (20-min) that relate to certain aspects of each of the 5 A's. These can be accessed at a time that fits your schedule.
  • Read 4 books (chosen by your facilitator) that relate to spiritual formation

Daily Component

You will receive a journal/workbook that is broken down into 40 weeks. Each week will have 5 exercises that connect with the weekly teaching.

  • 2 Scripture-based exercises
  • 2 reflection question-based exercises
  • 1 right-brain experiential

The daily component will help you be intentional about connecting with the Lord and the content on a daily basis.

Community Component

Each month you will connect with the people in your cohort. During these times, you will have the opportunity to process what you are experiencing, learning, and what you see the Lord doing in you as you journey with the others in your cohort. You'll also do right-brain, experiential exercises together that will position you to grow in new and rich ways.

The 3 Components: Going Deeper


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