Fear Not: Finding Peace in a Scary World

Security. It's one thing we all want and need, but is difficult to find in a time filled with uncertainty, violence, anger, and even hidden threats. It can leave us with feeling anxious and afraid. How do we live in this tension when, for many of us, life has stripped away our sense of security?


In the midst of similar trials, Jesus encouraged His followers to "fear not." But can a real sense of security be found in Christ? Is it really possible to face the uncertainties of life with peace, hope, and rest?


  At this 1.5-day event, you will experience...


Powerful Teaching

Sessions cover topics such as finding the root of worries, discovering ways life has stripped our sense of security and how to position ourselves for Christ to enter those places and bring peace.

Small Group Discussion

Connect with others on the journey to share your experiences and be encouraged by those who have walked similar paths.

Individual Reflection

Hear the voice of the Lord in times of quiet and through experiential exercises that will make "fear not" a reality in your life!


"The full impact of the 'Fear Not' event did not hit me until I came home. While my mind was full of revelations and new information, the processing began when I came back home and in silence and journaling realized how huge this was in my own life. How can someone breathe and walk in fear and not know it? That was me. This past week has been so transformative, and naming and calling out FEAR brings me so much closer to being 'restored, strong, firm, and steadfast.' (1 Peter 5:10)"

- Rosemary

Join us for a Fear Not event in your area.

This Friday evening through Saturday afternoon event is led by Jeff Franks, MAPC, CEO of HCM International. Jeff has been positioning people to be for spiritual formation and inner healing for 18 years of full-time ministry. 


Lafayette, LA
Ashland, OH
Goshen, IN

March 31-April 1
April 21-22
May 5-6


Nothing in your area? Bring a Fear Not event to your region. Contact us at info@hcminternational.org for more details. 

"The 'Fear Not' seminar was eye-opening for me. Even though I have learned dependence on the Lord for my 'manna' provision in my life recently , I realized that I still have doubt and even fear about this. During the seminar, I saw that I still (must) make sure that things are going to be ok (taken care of), especially as it relates to my family. Fear and doubt so often come in here. So, I feel that I must double-down and pray more often , harder and better. Yet, the Lord reminded me at the seminar that His gift of manna is there for the taking daily for me and for my family. His gift to us. His promise. At the seminar, I heard him say, 'Rest in Me.' Thank you, Lord."

- Diane