Opportunities with HCM International and Healing Care

Thank you for your interest in HCM International and Healing Care! Below you will find information about accessing the video series, Invitation to a Healing Journey, and other opportunities through HCM International and Healing Care.

Video Series: Invitation to a Healing Journey

Dr. Wardle has recorded a series of five 20-25 minute videos that explore why it is important for Christians to be on a healing journey. These short sessions introduce the topic of emotional wounding and can be used to help cast a hopeful vision for deep healing and transformation available through Christ. Click here to access these videos and an accompanying listening guide (that can be used individually or in groups).

Retreat: Come Away with Me Retreat (HCM International)

The Come Away with Me retreats are designed to help participants personally encounter the healing power of the living Christ. Each retreat has a limited number of participants and lasts for 7 days. The retreats focus on Formational Prayer and deep inner healing. Each participant receives specialized attention in formational care that positions them for deep personal healing. The retreats are led by a team of highly-gifted and professionally-trained caregivers who help the participants work through the wounds that compromise life and ministry. Each participant is assigned to one of the caregivers who meets with them each day during the retreat for a Formational Prayer session (1 hour), but the caregivers work as a team with the participants and are available to all of them throughout the retreat.

For more information about the retreat, visit our retreat page or contact us at retreats@hcminternational.org

Seminar: Formational Prayer Seminar (Healing Care)

Formational Prayer (formerly known as inner healing prayer) is a ministry of the Holy Spirit, moving through a Christian caregiver, bringing the Healing Presence of Jesus Christ into the place of pain and brokenness within a wounded person.  The Formational Prayer Seminar provides the tools for addressing dysfunctional behaviors; teaches steps for dealing with deep wounds; presents information on spirituality and world view as each relates to helping the broken; and demonstrates pathways that help people dismantle destructive false beliefs.

For more information on this and other opportunities with Healing Care, visit the event/seminar page or contact Lynne Lawson at Lynne@healingcare.org.


For more information about other opportunities available through HCM International, please contact info@hcminternational.org. For more information about other opportunities through Healing Care, please contact lynne@healingcare.org