In addition to various training programs and events, HCM International also offers opportunities to pursue personal growth, transformation and healing. Currently, the two primary opportunities offered are the Come Away with Me 7-day extensive care retreat and the self-care events sponsored by our regional networks. See below for more information.


 Come Away with Me

The Come Away with Me retreats are designed to help participants encounter the healing power of the living Christ. Each retreat has a limited number of participants* and lasts for 7 days. The retreats focus on Formational Prayer and deep inner healing. Each participant receives specialized attention in formational care that positions them for deep personal healing. The retreats are led by a team of highly-gifted and professionally-trained caregivers who help the participants work through the wounds that compromise life and ministry.

Self-Care Events

Since caregivers usually end up planning the self-care events for others, we are committed to bringing self-care events to you. It is essential that you, the caregiver, have time to receive in regards to your core longings, practicing the presence of the Lord or finding healing for the wounds of the past. HCM International will also invest in the Network Coordinators who carry the burden of leadership for the region in ways such as providing resources and opportunities for continuing education and formation. 




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