Spiritual Formation & The Art of Spiritual Direction: Program Outcomes

Participants will be encouraged to develop into:

Persons of knowledge who...

  • Articulate the ministry of spiritual direction from Biblical and theological perspectives
  • Are able to describe the basic process of being a spiritual director
  • Know the formational significance of spiritual direction
  • Are able to converse about the presence of God in everyday life

Persons in formation who...

  • Regularly practice a “rule of life”
  • Are aware of the immediacy of God in their own life
  • Integrate God’s presence in daily life
  • Grow in freedom in their relationship with Jesus
  • Experience spiritual direction in their own lives

Discerning communicators who are...

  • Effective in their interaction with directees
  • Able to encourage persons on their spiritual journey
  • Able to integrate Formational Prayer 
  • Free to address personal barriers to the spiritual journey

Transformational leaders who...

  • Pursue goals of personal growth to develop a healthy identity as a ministering person
  • Understand how personality and personal experience are intertwined with God, family and church
  • Grow in their ability to listen receptively to the life stories and experiences of others, and to serve as a mirror for others to see their own lives more fully
  • Continue to attend to their listening skills, and are able to pose meaningful questions, offer helpful feedback, affirm strengths and encourage others to attend to areas of their growth
  • Are able to promote and guide the practice of both individual and group spiritual guidance in their context of ministry