In addition to the opportunities we provide for individuals to pursue personal growth, healing and transformation, we also believe that it is important to continue to provide training and equipping opportunities for those who are ministering in the field. These events/trainings are designed to empower you to serve God's people in your context with excellence as you position them for the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Two equipping/training opportunities that we currently offer are our Certificate Program in Spiritual Formation and the Art of Spiritual Direction and those offered through the International Association of Healing Care Ministries.

More information about these initiatives can be found below. Please check this page periodically, as we will keep it updated with the ever-expanding opportunities available to you!

Spiritual Formation and Direction Program

HCM International’s Certificate Program in Spiritual Formation & The Art of Spiritual Direction provides participants with the contemplative experiences, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to deepen their awareness of God, self, and others. Participants will engage their spiritual journey in the company of an experienced spiritual director, through journey groups and group spiritual direction, and the development of their own ministry practice of spiritual direction. For more information about this cohort-based program and to apply, click on the link above.

International Association of HCM

The International Association of Healing Care Ministries, or IAHCM, is dedicated to the ongoing support and development of ministries that subscribe to the formational model of care. This includes training of caregivers as well as certifying ministries that meet the minimum standards for network membership affiliation. The purpose is to create and sustain an innovative network of Healing Care ministries that engage in Formational Prayer, Spiritual Direction and Leadership Development. For more information about the Association, click on the link above.