Caregiver Network Coordinators

Each Caregiver Network (region) will have one or more Coordinators who are...

Committed to their own journey

The most important commitment a caregiver can make is to be on his or her own journey of healing and formation with Jesus. This can be difficult due to the demands of life and ministry, but we believe it is essential that caregivers first tend to their own journey before helping others tend to theirs.

Committed to helping others on the journey

There are a variety of ways you can keep the caregivers in your region connected. While some Networks meet once per month, we ask that all Coordinators bring the caregivers of that region together at least once per quarter for fellowship, self-care or continuing education.

Committed to representing the Kingdom of God and HCM International with integrity

Caregiver Network Coordinators must be members of good standing with the International Association of Healing Care Ministries (IAHCM - a ministry of HCM International). In return for the time and energy that Coordinators volunteer for their region, HCM International will waive the application and annual fee for their membership in the Association. Coordinators must also be committed to the standards and beliefs of HCM International.