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In 2011, HCM International began with the purpose of ministering to caregivers in the field. Since then, the scope and influence of this ministry has grown. In 2014, we began exploring a new opportunity to expand the reach of HCM International by partnering with seasoned caregivers to support the work of healing care on a regular basis.

HCM International is launching a new initiative to "care for caregivers." We are partnering with key caregivers in regions where healing care ministries are blooming. The purpose of this initiative is to meet caregivers where they are to provide connectedness, self-care and continuing education in their neighborhood. Providing these experiences in a caregiver's own backyard will make self-care and training experiences more accessible and equip caregivers to bring the light of Christ to those they minister to.

Our hope is to see Caregiver Networks develop around the country and around the world to build on the momentum of this movement. We already have trained and seasoned caregivers ministering on many continents. Now we are reaching out to bring this ministry to them.

Regional Networks

Across the country and around the world, we are seeing an increasing number of regions in which there is a concentration of caregivers practicing Formational Prayer, healing care and spiritual direction. We believe that the Lord has called HCM International to partner with those caregivers to form Caregiver Networks to provide opportunities for fellowship and encouragement, self-care and continuing education.

Network Coordinators

Each caregiver network will have one or more Coordinators who will be instrumental in leading the network's activities and initiatives. Seasoned and highly-gifted Kingdom ministers, these individuals must be committed to: their own journey, helping others on the journey and representing the Kingdom of God and HCM International with integrity. To read more about the qualifications for and expectations of these coordinators, click on the above header.