Letter from Dr. Neal Siler regarding the Spiritual Direction Program!

By Neal Siler

October 26, 2019

Greetings friends,

If you were able to be with us for our gathering “Listening with the ear of the heart” you experienced an amazing movement of the glory of God as we worshipped, learned, and basked in His presence. This ministry of caring for hurting individuals is so real and so needed. From the personal testimonies of those in attendance to the comments in the evaluations from the over 125 + people in attendance, it is clear this is a work of God’s Spirit and we are being swept away in the glory of it all. Thank you for being with us, for sharing in this rich and exciting experience of learning and sharing.

Maybe you have been considering your next steps in ministry and service to the people of God. Please pray about the ministry of spiritual direction and whether or not this may be a call that you should respond to. We are presently accepting applications for Cohort F and it would be absolutely glorious to have you journey with us as we discover together how to tend God’s people and help them hear His voice more clearly.

It has been an amazing beginning for Cohort E (Embraced) as we have settled into the warm fellowship and friendship of sisters and brothers who long to see healing and wholeness for the wounded in the body of Christ. It is a rich eye-opening journey that invites us into places of grace, hospitality and welcome as our gifts of awareness, discernment and connection are awakened. It is so exciting to see the melding of the formational model and classical spiritual direction come together within a framework that offers skills training, practical application, and experiential learning. Such is the door that is opening to you as you contemplate your matriculation into Cohort F.

All the information regarding application and references can be found by visiting the Spiritual Direction Program page.


Cohort F Dates 

Pre-residency: January-March 2020

Residency 1 

March 29 – April 3, 2020 

Sunday 5:00 PM - Friday 1:00 PM

Residency 2

August 9-13, 2020

Sunday 5:00 PM - Thursday 1:00 PM

Residency 3

December 6-10, 2020

Thursday 5:00 PM - Monday 1:00 PM   

Residency 4

April 4 – 9, 2021

Sunday 5:00 PM – Thursday 1:00 PM


Cohort F begins with a pre-residency period that runs from January - March. All of your pre-residency work is done at home and is designed to create language, familiarity, and to provide a sense of deep introspection and meaning as to what the SD journey may offer. The first Residency is at the end of March 2020. The Actual Schedule is attached:

Other information that may be helpful:

The total cost of the program is $5,500 (includes year one, year two, and praxes advisement for the year two enterprising period)

The non-refundable application fee is $50.00 due with the submission of your formal application.

There are no additional advisement fees.

You will be assigned a faculty advisor who will also be your journey group leader for year one and two. The only exception to this is when there are individuals who enter year two from prior programs and those individuals have not been in an ongoing journey group within our program. So you will likely have the same faculty advisor for both years.

Additionally, with an anticipated enrollment of 12 -18 students in each cohort, the program is designed so that you will journey with 4 - 6 other students in journey groups that will meet daily during residency and monthly between residency. In this format classical spiritual direction skills are learnt, and practiced, to include group spiritual direction and attending skills. the monthly format encourages ongoing dialog, deep sharing and reflections on the themes and tenets of the program. Year one largely focuses on classical spiritual direction and skills development. In year two appropriating the protocols of formational prayer in a spiritual direction model is a large focus.

If you have not already, consider becoming a part of this amazing ministry and a wonderful cadre of healing care practitioners who have a heart for helping God’s hurting people.

Contact the program coordinator (Sue) at (direction@hcminternational.org), or the program Director (Neal Siler) at rnsiler@gmail.com for any questions you may have.


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