Update from Spain!

By Jonathan and Gemma Donker

March 29, 2019

Dear prayer warriors,

First, we want to thank you for your replies to our prayer requests.* It was a tremendous encouragement to read all your notes just before going into the seminar. We were touched by how the Lord is using you all to be a blessing to us and to the Kingdom of God in Spain and beyond.

Several people signed up during the last week and we were blessed to be working with a group of almost 40 people. 

During the seminar – especially on Saturday – we noticed a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit in our spirits and in the people attending the seminar. People were paying attention, open in different small groups meetings and our team (we are 5 now) did well organizing the event and leading the small groups (5 groups). The seminar exceeded our expectations and we are thankful to the Lord for all that He has done. He does not have to show up in powerful ways, but He did. Glory to God for His mighty kingdom – it is good to see the unseen. There is nothing more important than the deep transformation of God’s creation into something new and full of Him.

The participants were touched and after the seminar, many came to talk to us sharing that the event was eye-opening. Many have been able to experience the Lord in new ways and get to know Him more profoundly. What a gift to be part of this.

Gemma’s parents attended the seminar and were excited about it and Jonathan’s parents came from Belgium to babysit our three treasures – and had a blast with them. The moral support of our parents in the last year has been unique and we don’t take it for granted. 

Glory to God for all that He is doing in answer to your prayers. We hope that this e-mail will encourage you to continue praying for what the Lord puts on your hearts in your journeys. He invites us to collaborate with what He is doing already (see Jn 5:19). 

Thank you so much for your heart and your partnership!

Jonathan & Gemma

Júlia, Ona & Eloi

*Editor's Note: On March 8th & 9th, Jonathan and Gemma hosted a seminar in Barcelona, Spain on Identity in Christ. This email is a follow up to that seminar.

Jonathan and Gemma joined the HCM International team in 2017 and serve as coordinators in Spain, Europe. Their main focus is on training leaders of churches and ministries to be able to expand Healing Care in Europe. Click here for more information about their ministry.

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