Of a Winter Evening

By Sue Bliese

March 15, 2019

Of a Winter Evening
Sue Bliese


Crescent Moon
hangs behind me
Sideways Smile
Guardian of the Rear
I turn, it is beside me
I turn again, it is in front of me
A constant presence
A small part of the divine benevolence
Watching my steps
Worth appraised,
I belong


Sue graduated from Ashland Theological Seminary in 2015 with a MDiv. and she currently serves as HCMI's Program Coordinator. Terry Wardle was one of her professors and introduced her to a new, unexplored path of healing and deeper relationship with God. She also works at Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Akron as an Administrator. She enjoys teaching others spiritual disciplines and how to read the Bible for all it is worth. She also likes to read, ski, and play cards.
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