Baby Jesus


December 22, 2018

Tiny hands.
No scepter.
No palace balcony.
No crown on earth.
Later, a metal spike and a cross of raw wood.
Buying me.

Tiny feet.
Ribbons of linen.
Later, from Bethlehem, to Egypt, to Nazareth and Galilee.
Into the Jordan, and out.
Walking strong.
Finding me.

Tiny eyes.
Not yet seeing the mess we've made of His world.
Later, weeping.
Observing me.

Tiny mouth.
Later, speaking, defining grace, forgiving sin, raising the dead.
Calling me.

Anna Petersheim is a wife and mother of three in a quiet neighborhood in central Ohio. She is currently working on her Spiritual Director’s Certificate with HCM International. Her main passion is to make an eternal difference while she in on earth and her main calling is to set people free - one household at a time.

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