Trimming the Tree

By Darlene Kong

December 7, 2018

Today was the day I got out my Christmas tree. I pulled the tree out of the garage, a model 2003 artificial tree from Target. This tree was given to our family a number of years ago and to be honest, I’ve never really loved it. It is one of those hand me downs that I am thankful to have, but there are times when I kind of wish I could buy a new one, or buy a real tree. Our ornaments have all mostly been given to us as well. Most years I have given the responsibility of setting up the tree to my husband because I don’t really want to have to set up something that I don’t see as being perfect.

This year though, I took the kids out to the garage and I brought the tree into the house myself. We assembled the tree, the kids played "roll each other around in the Christmas tree box," and I spent over an hour “fluffing” it. The branches were all curled up and bent the wrong way, so I went around the whole tree straightening the branches, pulling out old tinsel, and tightening branches that were getting ready to fall off completely.

During this process, I couldn’t help but consider my own healing journey. The Holy Spirit brought to my mind a picture of Jesus and how he lovingly cares for each piece of my soul. He takes the time to care for me, even though I am but dust. As I pulled each piece of mangled tinsel from the branches, I could see Jesus lovingly removing the snarled bits of my soul, so as to reveal more of my true self, who He created me to be.

“…what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?” Psalm 8:4

My Christmas tree still leans a little to the right, it still has spots that aren’t full of life. This season, each time I look at this tree, I hope to use it as an opportunity to remember that even though I’m not perfect, my heavenly Father accepts me into his home and he loves ALL of me, the smoothed out parts as well as the not so smoothed out parts.

I pray that the eyes of your heart would also be opened to this reality, to the peace that comes with the awareness that Jesus accepts you just as you are, right now, in this moment. He is not hoping to trade you in for a better model someday. No, he will continue with you on this journey of life, lovingly walking with you each step of the way.

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