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November 30, 2018

Being married to Terry is an exciting adventure with many wonderful ministry opportunities. In late October we joined Lynne in Omaha, Nebraska for a Soul Care Conference, held at Christ Community Church. 480 leaders and lay people attended a Friday night, Saturday event.

Terry spoke on the theme: Unshakable Certainty; Discovering who you are in Christ. He taught the people about Christian identity, how to speak grace fluently, and feasting at the table of the Lord.

The event was powerful with great worship and a deeply moving prayer ministry. Here are some comments from the conference:

 "I experienced God’s loving glory wash over me through the words Terry spoke. I feel God doing a work in me and washing me of my shameful nature and longing to perform. I now know I do not need to perform to receive God’s love and grace."

 "Since my family passed and my daughter left (empty nest) I have been starved for love – and Friday night God told me, 'The Lord Lavishly Loved Me.'"

"Coming here in the midst of rejection, I found community with people around me. I feel empowered to take back the power I’ve given to other people and return it to God. I am who God says I am. Nobody can separate me from the truth within me. I always have a seat next to Christ forever. His indwelling Spirit is all I need. My identity is in my heavenly Father."

"God lifted the mantle of shame from my shoulders and I am released from that burden I’ve carried since early childhood – some 62 years."

"This was just what I needed when I needed it. This was a God thing! Helped me on my journey to security in being a child of God."

A special thank-you to Wendell and Jill Nelson for hosting and housing Terry, Lynne, and me. Also, to Dana Herr for her continued faithfulness and commitment to the ministry of Healing Care.

Photo Credit: Dana Herr

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