Letter from Doug Robinette, HCM International's Interim Executive Director


September 21, 2018

Hello, my name is Doug Robinette, and I'm the brand-new Interim Executive Director for Healing Care Mandate International. In this brief message, I just want to tell you a little bit about myself, and what I see coming for HCM International.

Now before I get too much further into this introduction, I want to personally thank Jeff Franks, who is staying on with HCM International as Director of Special Projects. This role will allow him to spend more time working with his dad's business, among other things. Jeff has been instrumental in developing and growing the ministries of HCM International, and I am grateful for all of his contributions, as well as his willingness to continue serving!

I'm a reforming accountant, having spent 9 years at KPMG, and then 23 years as an executive at Nationwide Insurance, where I moved from finance to operations. Since 2009, I've worked as an Executive coach, business consultant, and leadership trainer. I'm also an Elder at my church, and I sit on several non-profit boards. I've been on my own healing journey since 2010.

I was so honored when Terry Wardle and Jerry Stephens (the president of the HCM International board) asked me to consider taking this role while they think through what they want in a permanent Executive Director. I felt God was prompting me to say yes, and I must say, it is exciting!

Here's why. First, I'm convinced that the Healing Care approach to the healing journey works. Not only has it changed my relationship with the Lord, but I have seen it do wonderful things in the lives of people in the US, Canada, Honduras, Kenya and most recently, South Africa. Second, I think the future for HCMI is very bright. As we follow one of our foundational principles - to only do what we see the Father doing, He is bringing opportunities to us - one on top of another.

We have opportunities to expand our reach not only to those who are already on the journey - through programs like Rooted, and to those who want to be future caregivers through programs like the Spiritual Direction Program, but to places all over the world that are in desperate need for deeper connection with Jesus - through programs like the International School of Formational Prayer. And, there's so much more!

May God bless you today!

Doug Robinette
Interim Executive Director
HCM International

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