Where is God Today?

By Darlene Kong

August 23, 2018

I often wake up with a sense of peace followed by a sense of slight anxiety for all that I will face that day. All that I need to do, all that is expected of me, all of the things that I forgot to do yesterday, the things that I have put off for weeks come crashing into my brain.

Yesterday morning as I awoke and those feelings started to make their way into my soul, I distinctly felt the Spirit leading me to rest in His love for me as His child. I am a mother of three, and there are perhaps no more beautiful moments than when my child is resting in my arms, secure in my love for them. They have no need to perform, no need to do something for me. Their presence with me is ALL that I need!

So in that minute after waking, I took a moment and stared up at the ceiling, resting in that truth, the truth that I am His child.

THAT is what matters.

THAT is where my true identity lies.

As I looked forward into my day, I set the intention to look for God in the everyday moments of my life. In the cooking, the cleaning, the caring for children, in the friendships, in the working. Little did I know how this awareness would lead me to obey a nudging in my spirit later that day.

That afternoon, I was walking with my children in the woods and we were exploring the creek. I was caught in between my older children, who were running ahead as they always do, and my 4 year old son who was lagging behind. I distinctly remember feeling a prompting in my spirit to stay close to my son. A few minutes after that, as we were walking along the bank, about two feet above the creek, he fell face first down into the water. It was one of those moments where I was a split second too late to catch him before he fell. He was only in the water for about two seconds before I scooped him up. He ended up with a slight cut on his head and there were a lot of tears.

I held him and processed over and over with him what had happened. I repeated, "Mommy didn't catch you right away, but I did pick you up and you are okay now." I don't know what would have happened had I been just a few steps further away...and I am so grateful that I obeyed that nudge in my spirit to stay close by.

Then I remembered the intention I had set earlier in the day, when I decided to look for God in this day, and boy did I see God in that moment at the creek! Jesus is always so close, such a present help in times of trouble. May he make us all more aware of his presence and his extravagant love and grace TODAY.

Darlene Kong is a mom of two boys and one girl. She lives in Columbus, Ohio and enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as seeking to find Jesus in all the moments of life. She is also grateful for her position with HCM International, where she is allowed the privilege of communicating what God is doing all over the world through this ministry.

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