Inner Healing Retreat in Spain


August 20, 2018

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you are doing well and feel comforted by the presence of the Holy Spirit in your lives.

As you know, next Monday (from the 20th till the 27th of August) we are going to start our first Inner Healing Retreat.

We have 13 participants. All of them are from different parts of Spain. They are pastors, missionaries or leaders of different ministries.

Gemma’s parents will be in charge of the kitchen, our dear friend Bri is coming to help us with our kids, and Olga will co-lead a group with Gemma. Olga went through the 16 weeks inner healing group with Gemma. Together with her husband and us, we will lead the church plant in our town – with them being the pastors. During the retreat she will be helping in different tasks and she will learn how to lead a small group of inner healing. Gemma and I will do the teachings and lead the two groups. Our task is to position each one of the participants to be able to meet with our Lord and experience His healing touch in their lives. 

A lot of them have difficulties hearing the voice of God, some struggle with feelings of loneliness and others are frustrated in ministry. Struggles with depression, anxiety, rage, numbness and sinful thoughts are also present in several cases. Some are discouraged because they don’t see people coming to Christ. How would you feel after 18 years of ministry in your life, preaching the good news of the Gospel and you just see two people coming to Christ?!

If we can not experience the Presence and transformation of our Lord, how can we be salt and light for others?

Please, keep them and keep us in your prayers. We can sense the Spiritual Warfare. But, if the Lord is with and for us, who shall go against us?

Please, pray for:

  • Protection (physical, emotional, spiritual) for the participants and their families.
  • Protection for the team and our families.
  • That the Holy Spirit will move with freedom at the camp facilities where we will spend the week.
  • That the participants will be vulnerable and that they will surrender to the process that God has for their healing.
  • That they can be aware of their own resistance and the one that comes from the evil one.
  • That the Lord will manifest himself in their lives with power and clarity.

Thank you for being a crucial part of this ministry. We love you and we need you!

Jonathan and Gemma

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