Being Present on the Journey


July 13, 2018

Growing up I was always fascinated with the next phase, the next big achievement, for what felt like the destination. I couldn’t wait for my my next birthday, next school phase, driver’s license, dating, marriage, kids, for kids to reach their next milestone. The list could go on. I didn’t know how to be content in the moment I was in. I was a finisher and would set everything aside to get the task in front of me done. My vision was firmly fixed on the destination, everything else falling away, seeming to be a distraction.

This is not the way of Jesus however. We read in the Bible of how He was on His way to Jarius’ house to heal his daughter. This would be the destination/end goal. On his way, there is a woman and she touches the hem His robe. Jesus isn’t so intent on the destination that He allows everything else to fall aside. No, He lives every single moment in Trust that there is enough time for exactly what needs to happen. Jesus stops right there and asks the crowd surrounding Him, “Who has touched Me?” He felt some of His power leave Him. Only one completely in tune with the present can know this has happened.

Jesus sees the woman as she steps forward letting Him know He has completely healed her. I imagine His eyes full of compassion and love. She touched Him even in her unclean state and rather than chide her for not following the rules, He is gentle and admires her faith. He tells her to go in peace. In the meantime here comes a servant to tell Jesus that Jarius’ daughter is dead. One could feel that now all is lost, why did He take time for this woman, but Jesus isn’t worried. In fact He tells Jarius, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith and she will be healed.” And indeed Jesus heals the girl. Now two people have been healed because Jesus is not in a hurry to reach His destination.

Jesus has been teaching me to be present in the journey, to not be so incredibly set on the destination. It’s a lesson that doesn’t come easily to me. I have made progress over the years, however, I am on another leg of my journey. I feel Jesus calling me to do a few things this fall that don’t all make complete sense. I don’t know the end game, the destination just yet. Lately when I go to spend time with Jesus in Safe Place we are at the bottom of this sloping pathway. We spend lots of time walking this path, yet we don’t seem to get anywhere. Somehow we are always at the bottom of the path. When I asked Jesus about this, He tells me I am not to worry about where we are going. I am to be here in the present moment. He doesn’t want me to miss what’s right here in pursuit of what’s over that hill.

Lori Yoder is from Middlebury, Indiana. She is on staff at Maple City Chapel in Goshen, Indiana, where she is the Inner Healing Ministry Leader. Lori leads Healing Care Groups and meets one on one with individuals as they are on a path of healing from past wounds.  She is currently an intern with HCM International where she has been nudged out of her comfort zone and she has been leading events in her area. Lori loves learning, reading lots of books, taking walks and jogging with her dogs, spending quality time with her family, and spending time resting with Jesus. She also enjoys writing on her blog at

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