Formational Prayer in Honduras


August 9, 2013

We were asked to attend a mission trip to Honduras. We had made the trip annually since 2002, but had not been there since December, 2009. We have many relationships there and were asked to present some of the Healing Care material. When we left Columbus, we had no idea what they wanted to hear about, how much time we had or who the audience was. So, we packed a jump drive with lots of documents and materials, along with a computer. When we arrived, we were asked to speak to the leaders of the GCLA Church for three nights, Monday-Wednesday, for about two hours each night. We would have to use a translator since Doug and I aren’t fluent in Spanish.

So, Sunday night we were up until midnight preparing a PowerPoint presentation on Core Longings for Monday night. I was very nervous. The church is very conservative and I wasn't sure how they would receive the information. Jim Zippay had been there the week before and had talked to the lead pastor about his experience and the healing he had received, so there was an openness. Well, God showed up and the presentation went very well – the group of 40-50 leaders was very inspired by it. Their comments and questions demonstrated an understanding of the material as well as a connection with their own personal core longings. We were so excited. 

On Tuesday night, the room was full and the audience seemed eager to listen again. We presented the Structures of Healing and True Self/False Self. Again, there was excellent engagement with the audience. They really could see ways in which the false self was active in their lives and ministries. It was powerful.

Finally, on Wednesday, we did a "mini" body outline exercise. They were packed in a room shoulder-to-shoulder, so there was no real privacy. They all engaged in the exercise and as the Holy Spirit moved, there were tears and emotions that surfaced. Many people had long lists of lies on their papers. It was so inspiring to see how open they were to learning. They all pressed in to what the Holy Spirit was revealing. We left knowing that they had been changed and were hungry for more.

They are open to a return visit. We met with the lead pastor and his wife for dinner Thursday night and they were very positive about the entire experience. Doug and I are praying and will probably put together a proposal for them. So, since the ministry is going international, I thought you and the team would like to know how God is working!

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