The Beautiful Third Thing

October 2, 2012

By Dan MacKinnon

Terry Wardle spoke one day in class about “the Third Thing” that God does. The third thing is what you get when you take something from our lives and God brings something of Himself to bear on it. It’s not one or the other in character but


As I was working through some “stuff” in my life in the solitude of some snow days awhile back in Ohio, I was drawn to reflect on the Beautiful Third Thing, and so what follows is the fruit of that reflection. I offer it simply as an expression of awe before God at how much He loves us. Maybe this “Third Thing” is part of what Jesus wants to do for His broken leaders and His Bride.

my weakness + His strength = Glory
my sin + His atonement = New Creation

my brokenness + His healing = Wholeness
my gifts + His Spirit = Ministry

my surrender + His grace = Transformation
my fear + His love = Security

my faith + His sight = Vision
my impossibilities + His possibilities = Miracle

my emptiness + His fullness = Intoxication
my instrumentality + His inspiration = Worship

my joy + His delight = Dance
my heart + His community = Sanctuary

my life + His presence = Safety
my despair + His plan = Hope

my thirst + His water = Fullness
my doubt + His belief in me = Ignition

my desperation + His inclination = Pentecost
my desperation + His care = Attachment

my desperation + His provision = Anticipation
my desperation + His power = Signs & Wonders

my desperation + His desperation = A Fresh Outpouring of His Spirit

O Lord Jesus, make us as desperate for You as You are for us and may the desperation and brokenness we offer be all You need to do a Beautiful Third Thing in the lives of Your people!

“From cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
from laziness that is content with half-truth,
from arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
O God of truth deliver us!”

(Author Unknown – from Authority to Heal by Ken Blue)


About the Author:

Dan is a Board member of HCM International and serves as Lead Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Orleans, Ontario, Canada. He has been a conference speaker and worship leader for various Presbyterian Renewal Ministry International events. He has been married to Dawn for 26 years, and they are the proud parents of three children who are their joy and delight. He lives with a deep sense of gratitude to God for the saving grace extended to him by our Great Savior.

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