Formational Prayer in Latin America

September 18, 2012

By Robert Woodcock

The Lord has opened doors for me to introduce ministry and marketplace leaders from many nations to Formational Prayer. In the process of teaching Christian leaders the principles and practices of leadership, the most transformational moments happen for them personally when they discover a pathway to God through prayer that addresses the lies and wounds that are preventing them from becoming the leader God has called them to be.

I was recently in Latin America working with a variety of Christian leaders from various spheres of society. In one of our sessions where the men and women were meeting separately, the Lord began dealing with a husband and wife who are both executives in business and whose marriage was collapsing as their business and professional lives were aggressively growing. That night, they went home and had their first meaningful conversation in three years about the state of their lives and marriage. They asked to meet with my wife and me for personal coaching and marriage counseling. We helped them find a safe place where they could trust the Father and invite Him into their relational dysfunction, turbulent emotions, and unhealed wounds.

I continue to coach and counsel them by phone, where I get a front row seat to the transforming impact of Formational Prayer in their personal and professional lives. The greatest evidence of the impact of this pathway to spiritual health is the agape love beginning to flow between them as they renew their commitment to each other, to Christ, to their employees, and to their call in building His Kingdom! To God be the Glory!

About Robert:

Robert’s work in both ministry and the marketplace has included executive coaching, team-building, strategic planning, and leadership formation. He has more than 25 years of ministry experience as a professor, pastor, spiritual director, missionary, leadership coach, and consultant. His passion for cross-cultural engagement has taken him to over 40 nations. Most recently, he served as National Director and Director of Leadership & Personal Development overseeing 44 staff in 14 nations for a U.S. based global missions organization.

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