A Soldier's Story

September 18, 2012

By Eric Chen

In between my attendance at the Basic and Advanced Formational Prayer Seminars (January 2008 and September 2009), I was deployed to Iraq for six months (June – December, 2008). Due to "moral trauma," long-term isolation, and deployment-related issues, I began to unravel in March of 2009 and hit bottom in August of the same year. How could this happen to a Spirit-filled Christian and career reserve special operations officer?

My hope was restored and the uphill climb began in August after attending a combat veteran's retreat called Welcome Home Initiative (WHI) in Greenwich NY. At this retreat, almost all combat veterans experienced Jesus in the midst of their traumatic combat or life experiences. I received more healing in the Advanced Seminar in September of 2009. I have since helped organize two WHI retreats in Xenia, Ohio and witnessed more of Jesus' healing for many veterans and spouses while experiencing more personal healing.

I am on a healing journey and continue to seek Jesus in my trauma. I feel called to invite others to meet Jesus for their own healing, whether they are combat veterans and their families, first responders, or victims of violent crimes. I see the establishment of these Christian communities of healing where more people are set free to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. Welcome Home Initiative is a ministry of Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, Greenwich NY.


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