Formational Prayer in the Congo

May 28, 2012

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I was in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and before me was a Congolese woman who told me about the military coming into her village and, before her eyes, brutally killing her husband and two children. They then tortured her with gang rape followed by taking their guns and forcing them up her vagina tearing into her internal organs. They also broke both of her legs in the process. Unconscious, she was taken to the hospital of HEAL Africa to be nursed back to health and to begin the many fistula surgeries she would need to repair the extensive damage to her body.

Fedunda lives in a safe house now, for she can never return to her village. She has been exiled and called a witch because of the urine and feces that still leak from her vaginal canal. Shame and pain are her constant companions.

I spent unhindered time listening to Fedunda’s story. Then I attempted to help her find an imaginary safe place in which to invite Jesus. She willingly closed her eyes as I guided her. With tears flowing down her dark-skinned face, she finally said that she couldn't find such a place; everywhere was violence and pain.

I knew I only had this one time to pray for her, so I asked the Holy Spirit what to do. His words? "Hold her with the love of Jesus." Ignoring the horrendous odor, I enfolded my arms around Fedunda and told her that Christ wanted her to carefully remember this deep embrace. As I cuddled her, the sweet aroma of the Lord’s presence replaced the room’s stench. There was a surge of love that seemed to detach my arms from my own body and become those of our Savior. Gently, I whispered in Fedunda’s ear to recall Jesus’ embrace whenever fear invaded her heart. “Fedunda,” I added, “Jesus loves you SO much.”

This precious mama wept with joyful release. When our time together ended, she smiled broadly, laughed, and thanked us profusely. Jesus had episodically touched her spirit.

What an extravagant blessing. Abba brought me 7000 miles just to bring a listening ear and Christ’s presence into Fedunda’s life. Formational Prayer training honed my ear to listen to both Fedunda and the Holy Spirit. Consequently, I was able to confidently respond to the Lord’s voice and be blessed even as I became one of His vessels of blessing.

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