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Positive Experiences: A Chance to HEAL

By Doug Robinette   |  October 26, 2019

In this post, our Executive Director Doug Robinette shares about a tool called HEAL that we can better absorb positive experiences that happen in our lives.

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Letter from Dr. Neal Siler regarding the Spiritual Direction Program!

By Neal Siler   |  October 26, 2019

Update from Dr. Neal Siler regarding the upcoming cohort F registration for the Spiritual Direction Program.

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Pack Up Your Troubles

By Wes Russell   |  April 26, 2019

Pack Up Your Troubles? This week author Wes Russell explores what it means to pack up your troubles so that you can deal with them with Jesus in his time.

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Foot Washing Day

By Alice Young   |  April 20, 2019

In this post, Alice shares with us how a recent cleaning of her Roomba led her to reflect on the ways Jesus cleanses us!!

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My Story of Grief

By Sara Santos   |  April 12, 2019

This week's blog is about a time when God used a time of deep grief to bring healing.

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Stay Close to Him

By Becky Zatezalo   |  March 29, 2019

In this week's blog post, Becky shares a recent experience where the verse "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path" came to life.

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Update from Spain!

By Jonathan and Gemma Donker   |  March 29, 2019

An update from HCM International missionaries in Spain!

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Of a Winter Evening

By Sue Bliese   |  March 15, 2019

This week Sue Bliese shares a poem she wrote about the presence of God.

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A Reflection on Psalm 23: "In the Land of the 'Even Though'"

By Terry Wardle   |  February 22, 2019

In this blog post Terry Wardle shares with us a reflection on Psalm 23.

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Stay With Me

By   |  January 11, 2019

In this post, Kim Moraghan shares with us a recent experience she had where Jesus lovingly drew her to focus on his presence.

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Baby Jesus

By   |  December 22, 2018

We invite you to read this week's blog post, which is a poetic reflection of the life of Jesus.

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Trimming the Tree

By Darlene Kong   |  December 7, 2018

This week Darlene Kong shares with us an experience she had while setting up her Christmas tree.

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News from Omaha!

By   |  November 30, 2018

Read this for an update from Cheryl Wardle on what happened at an event in Omaha, Nebraska!

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"Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!"

By   |  November 9, 2018

This week Wes Russell shares about a recent experience he had with his grandsons and how that experience demonstrated the love of Jesus.

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Lament: A Path To Healing

By   |  November 1, 2018

Read this blog about how being able to lament in seasons of difficulty is an important and beneficial spiritual practice.

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The Privilege of a "Get To"

By   |  October 26, 2018

Donna Thomas shares about a recent experience she had on a fruit farm where she had some perspective shifting encounters.

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Say It Like You Mean It

By   |  October 19, 2018

In this week's blog, read as Josiah Travis, a graduate of the HCM International Intern Program shares ow we can experience the delight of the Father!

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Sacred Space

By   |  October 5, 2018

In this week's blog post, Kim Moraghan shares some time she spent in sacred space with Jesus.

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Burned Out Forest

By   |  September 27, 2018

Licensed Professional Counselor Karen Weeks shares her journey of healing.

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Letter from Doug Robinette, HCM International's Interim Executive Director

By   |  September 21, 2018

In this news update, Doug Robinette, newly appointed Interim Executive Director, shares his background and his vision for the coming season in HCM International.

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Gentle Nudges

By   |  September 14, 2018

In this week's blog post, Jerry directs us towards the gentle voice of our God.

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Spiritual Formation-Spiritual Direction Certificate Program Update

By   |  September 14, 2018

This article gives an update for HCM International's Spiritual Formation - Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.

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It's a Party!

By Jerry Stephens   |  September 7, 2018

In this week's blog post, we are reminded that Jesus has prepared a party and we are invited!

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The Door

By   |  August 31, 2018

This is a story that demonstrates the love of Jesus as he cares for every part of our soul.

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Where is God Today?

By Darlene Kong   |  August 23, 2018

Darlene Kong shares a recent experience where God answered her prayer to show up in the everyday moments of her life.

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Inner Healing Retreat in Spain

By   |  August 20, 2018

Jonathan and Gemma share about the Inner Healing Retreat happening in Spain August 20-27, 2018.

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Dear Perfection...

By   |  August 10, 2018

Kim Moraghan shares about an experience she had where she realized even more deeply that she is "in process" and that she can completely rest in what Jesus has already done for her.

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Light of Life

By   |  August 1, 2018

Elaine Russell, Healing Care Caregiver, shares how Jesus revealed himself as the light even in the shadows of life.

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Jonathan and Gemma Donker Newsletter

By   |  July 30, 2018

Newsletter from Jonathan and Gemma Donker, missionaries in Spain who are using the Formational Prayer model to bring healing and freedom to the people living in Spain.

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Being Present on the Journey

By   |  July 13, 2018

Lori Yoder, HCM International intern, shares how Jesus has been teaching her to be present on her journey of transformation.

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