HCM International

HCM International, or Healing Care Mandate International, is a non-profit ministry dedicated to supporting and resourcing men and women around the globe that are using formational prayer as a means of bringing the healing presence of Jesus Christ to emotionally broken people.

Presently, over 4000 caregivers (professional and lay) from 17 countries have been equipped to position emotionally wounded people for healing, deliverance, and transformation through the various protocols of formational prayer.

On behalf of the HCM International team, I welcome you to this site and look forward to what the Lord will do through this ministry, all for His Kingdom and His glory.

- Terry Wardle, President Emeritus


The HCM International Intern is welcomed into a mutually beneficial relationship for the purpose of investing in the intern's spiritual formation and abilities as a caregiver; and impacting the need for laborers in what the Lord is doing through HCM International.

Spiritual Direction

HCM International's certificate program in Spiritual Formation & The Art of Spiritual Direction provides participants with the contemplative experiences, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to deepen their awareness of God, self, and others.

Come Away With Me

The Come Away With Me retreat is designed to help participants encounter the healing power of the living Christ. The retreat is led by a team of caregivers who help the participants work through the wounds that compromise life and ministry.


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